Routine Maintenance Activities

Maintenance Easy

Every property needs to protect its assets from any risk. To get noticed of any issues, it is better to check the assets, equipment, and supplies on a routine time.

Idle time to productive

Convert the staff's idle time to productive by assigning routine maintenance activities

Checks and balances

Routine maintenance does not require any legendary professional skills. Any Staff can be assigned.

Guest Satisfaction

Minor issues are ignored, which can dis-satisfy the guest and lead to a low rating.

Risk to Reward

Change the risk to reward by in-time identification & alignment of little bit issues.

Worker putting tv set on console

The hotel maintenance department is to protect assets, buildings, equipment, and supplies through routine measures. These measures should be formulated as guidelines for staff to follow. Rather than waiting for incidents to occur better to respond to potential safety hazards, hotels and organizations in the hospitality industry can enact preventative maintenance measures to reduce the risk of accidents. These measures can reduce the risk of lawsuits and claims.

For years, hotel maintenance has been seen as a “necessary evil.” It was reactive maintenance, which came into play when something was damaged. Minor repairs to plasterboard walls, painting walls stained by suitcase wheels, substituting damaged TVs, replacing towel racks, fixing water leaks, and unclogging toilets. This is where routine maintenance occurs.

Our solution provides a tool to create a set of routine maintenance as a template and assign them to the maintenance staff for check and balance if required. Under the Facilities module > Activity Template, you can select the Template type as Maintenance. There are a few templates activity groups, but you can customize them as per your requirement and save the template. Once you create the template, you can assign the template to employees in the Assign Maintenance tab. Monitor the maintenance activities’ progress on the dashboard lively.