Helps you individual functionality to manage your property


Schedule the Employees of the property Department-wise, Role-Wise, Individual or drag & drop Templates.

room maid fluffing up pillow


Employee Clocking can be done Manually, Bio-Metric or Facial recognition as per the schedule or directly.

Time Sheets

Review and approve the working hours of the employees as per Clocking timings, weekly and process for Payroll.


Approved timesheet generate Payroll of Employees Weekly / Monthly with detailed statement as per wage rate.


Housekeeping, Maintenance, Kichen and Transport Activities can be assigned and monitored individual wise.

To Do

Tasks can be created during the shift to direct an employee or changeover of the shift, so that successor can perform the same.


Internal communication through chat is allowed to all the employees within the properties assigned.

Manager Dairy

Managers at the end of the day monitor all the activities in the property and submit the diary to Owner.