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Power Tools

Dynamic Dashboards

Role-based Dashboards for Property Owners, Partners, Managers, Supervisors, Front-Desk, Room-Attendants, etc.,

Multiple Properties

Manage and monitor multiple properties in one place, duly assigning employees between properties as per requirements and exigency


Each property is Geo-mapped to restrict certain operations only if the employee is within the said radius to monitor their activities.

Our Unique Features

Clock-in / Clock-out by Face-Recognition

Apart from Manual and Biometric clocking, employees can clock-in / clock-out by simple face recognition through their mobiles if the property has bonded their respective property location to a Geo-metric mapping radius or mapped their wireless network to the application to allow the Clocking. A detailed Time sheet will be generated for the Administration to monitor the Clocking mode and approve the Timesheet accordingly.

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Network Mapping

Property Wifi Network can be mapped to Employee-wise and restrict Employees Floor-wise and area network-wise if required.

Access Permissions

Property Admin can manage the access permissions Module-wise, Employee-Wise, Role-Wise and Department-Wise as required.

Multi-Platform Support

Can operate the application apart from the Website, install and operate on Windows, Android, iOS Devices, Smart TVs, and Displays.

Our Modules

Manage your employees with our built-in featured Modules


Schedule the Employees of the property Department-wise, Role-Wise, Individual or drag & drop Templates.


Employee Clocking can be done Manually, Bio-Metric or Facial recognition as per the schedule or directly.

Time Sheets

Review and approve the working hours of the employees as per Clocking timings, weekly and process for Payroll.


Approved timesheet generate Payroll of Employees Weekly / Monthly with detailed statement as per wage rate.


Housekeeping, Maintenance, Kichen and Transport Activities can be assigned and monitored individual wise.

To Do

Tasks can be created during the shift to direct employees / changeover, so that successor can perform the same.


Internal communication through chat is allowed to all the employees within the properties assigned.

Manager Dairy

Managers at the end of the day monitor all the activities in the property and submit the dairy to Owner.
Our Features

Enjoy our Amazing Features

Simple Employees' Shift Schedules

Create your Shift Templates and simply drag and drop the shift templates to schedule any employee on the board. You may also schedule the shifts of employees in Group-wise and individually.

Finger print scan Encryption for identity verification or electronic signing

Manual and Smart Clock-In / Clock-Out

While reporting to their shift, employees can be Clocking through innovative ways, i.e., Bio-Metric and Facial Recognition Clocking are intelligent features of our product. They were clocking at Front Desk with facial recognition.

Housekeeping Activities

Create your Template for all activities to assign the Housekeepers and monitor. It is not required daily; you can post for the period and simply monitor the status daily. Staff can instantly update the status of the activity while performing tasks.

Team of housekeepers sitting on couch and showing thumb up
Room service

Instant Activities Assignment​

Front Desk can create tasks/activities instantly, assign them to any employee, and monitor them until it is completed. The guest can request assistance from their room and auto notify as Instant Task / Activity when the concerned Housekeeper attends to the task and completes it. The ultimate is to give better service to your guest.

Preventive Maintenance Activities​

Every property requires Preventive Measures to maintain its assets with time-lined activities. You can create a Template per your requirement, and our system will do the rest. Our system will notify the concerned employee to complete the process, and until it is done, frequent reminders will follow up.

Man repairing kitchen furniture
Manager operating machinery in warehouse

Routine Maintenance Activities

Routine maintenance includes upkeep of refrigeration, elevators, cable TV, phone lines, personal computers, room furnishings, and lighting fixtures. This broad scope of supervision requires a significant breadth of expertise from hotel maintenance crews. The streamlined process of these Routine Activities is monitored at the fingertips.

The maintainer can raise a flag instantly if the item/asset is wholly damaged or requires Vendor Intervention. Owners / Managers can monitor the status of Maintenance Tickets.

Schedule Maintenance Activities

Assets of your property require periodic maintenance with vendors’ intervention, and it’s been a problem communicating with the vendors in time. Just create a Template for these maintenance assets once and relax about that. Our Solution processes the communication and notification with the concerned vendors to get back to you with a scheduled time for the needed maintenance.

Male technician repairing outdoor air conditioning system
Be Updated All time

Compare your room price with nearby hotels dynamically and update yourself

Our Compare Nearby feature helps you get the latest price of nearby hotels, analyze the price, and get updated prices in the market. A history list of each hotel’s prices will guide you through updating your price. A perfect Pricing strategy is a way to success.

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Conguration Settings

On first login, add your employees, Rooms, Activity Templates and PMS integration details to get started.

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Enjoy scheduling employee shifts, timesheet, payroll, assigning activities to your employees and monitor live status on the dashboard.