Schedule Maintenance Activities

Manage your vendors

Update your vendor details and associate the date of maintenance and just relax. Rest this tool alert you on time and make communication easy with your vendors. Get a track record of every vendor with a single click.

Never miss Service Dates

Service dates are periodic; get a prior alert on every service date and get serviced.

Warranty Period Alert

Getting notified of the warranty period is essential to extend the warranty for some types of equipment.

Alert Vendor on time

Besides alerts on your dashboard, our solution alerts your vendor in time to be prepared for service.

Check Up Report

Manager Dairy gets everyday check reports dynamically about the current and upcoming maintenance.

Technician Calling For Elevator

Contracting outside Vendors can be a big hassle. Keeping track of their contact information, work history, and schedules can involve a lot of paperwork, spreadsheets, and headaches. Vendors can be fully integrated into your maintenance system. You can receive the same data from a Vendor that you would from a maintenance team member, making managing outside vendors easy.

Store all Vendor information (names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and dates of service) and Associate Vendors to Assets they maintain or Parts they supply and get alerts in time for maintenance. The all-time history of all Work Orders the Vendor has completed for your property is in figure tips. Simplify communication with your Vendor through dynamic alerts or email notifications and streamline workflow by externally sharing Work Orders straight to Vendors. Once the Vendor finishes working on your Work Order, notifications are automatically sent to your team to finalize the Work Order.

Schedule Maintenance is like other maintenance, but these require a frequency of time, as stated above, with the involvement of vendors who have supplied the equipment. Under the Facilities module > Activity Template, you can select the Template type as Maintenance and Maintenance Type as “Schedule Maintenance.”  Then provide the Repeat Type as weekly or monthly to repeat the activity along with the vendor’s details. Further, select the weekdays to repeat or month to repeat, respectively. Dynamically on the current date/day matches the frequency provided, an alert will be populated on the admin dashboard to assign that to any concerned staff to finish the job within the time. This will help the users and vendors in proper and intime maintenance of hotel resulting in extending of asset lifetime.