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The property admin/owner whose email is registered can request additional property from the Master Settings.

Property Owners, in the first login, can add employees to that property. However, property admin can add employees from Master Settings > Add Employee at any point in time. Quick Links to add employee is available on the Schedule Module.

Yes, you can upload any document relating to your employees. At the Employees List, click on the options on the respective employee row and select Add document to upload the document, mentioning the Document Type and Title for easy retrieval.

Yes, you can assign multiple properties to an employee while creating or in the edit option at any point in time. Property-wise, department and access permissions can be given along with Roles in that property.

Yes, My Shift Notes is purely customizable as per your requirement in all aspects.

Yes. You can add a user/employee and select the Co-Owner role for that property. All the property owner/admin privileges will also apply to that user.

Yes, this application supports multilingual, and you can customize your desired language in master settings.

This is built in cross-platform architecture; you can download and install it on Android, iOS, iOS-mac, Windows, and WebOS in Smart TVs.

Data in our application is end-to-end encrypted, and your data is protected from all the air hackers in the world. 

Yes, you can back up your data to your systems anytime or schedule the auto back-up. But the data was decrypted with active licenses for viewers.

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