Preventive Maintenance Activities​

Protect your assets

It is a known factor that proper maintenance of any asset results in increasing the lifetime of that asset apart from increased efficiency. This maintenance tool monitors and provides timely alerts for any lapses in completion. Track record and history made as part for any Insurances to be claims.

Weekly Maintenance

Some of the property assets require weekly maintenance. Get alert in time for a smooth assignment.

Monthly Maintenance

Some assets/equipment require monthly maintenance for perfect performance and efficiency.

Predict and Prevent

Preventive Measures lead to a timely prediction of risk, which can be analyzed and avoided.

Check Up Report

A detailed check report is dynamically generated in the manager's diary for review.

When it comes to hospitality, preventive maintenance has several advantages. The first is to offer more safety to everyone who uses the hotel, preventing outbreaks of legionella and other public health problems. The second is to provide a more pleasant stay for guests, as it reduces unscheduled downtime. The third is the longer useful life of the equipment, which offers a higher return on investment. 

Maintenance teams comprise a relatively small percentage of employees, including engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, gardeners, housekeeping, and multipurpose maintenance technicians. For example, many hotels outsource to maintain lifts, HVAC equipment, and swimming pools. This does not mean you should not have a general maintenance program, with some monitoring activities in charge of your internal team.

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Preventive Maintenance is like routine maintenance, but this requires a frequency of time, as stated above. As such, under the Facilities module > Activity Template, you can select the Template type as Maintenance and Maintenance Type as “Preventive Maintenance.”  Then provide the Repeat Type as weekly or monthly to repeat the activity. Further, select the weekdays to repeat or month to repeat, respectively. Dynamically on the current date/day matches the frequency provided, an alert will be populated on the admin dashboard to assign that to any concerned staff to finish the job within the time. This will help the users in proper and in-time maintenance of the hotel resulting extension of asset lifetime.