Manual and Smart Clock-In / Clock-Out

Make your staff clocking simple

Encouraging good attendance starts with setting clear expectations. For instance, are your employees required to start at a specific time, or do they have some flexibility with when they can arrive at work?

Manual clocking

The Front Desk / Manager can use this process from their dashboard. This requires some time and effort to finish the job.

Missing clocking

Sometimes, employees forget to clock out when they leave the property / without intimation. This option enables the Front desk to clock out forcibly.

Facial Clocking

This is purely effortless and doesn't require one to do it. Simply your employee can do it through mobiles, once reaching the property.

Biometric Clocking

Our solution ingrate with the biometric devices to get the clocking and update the timings in the database for record and generate timesheets.

Group of hotel staffs standing in kitchen

The hospitality industry is facing problems with absenteeism by the staff. To manage this problem, My Shift Notes provide a comprehensive solution. It will significantly improve productivity and ensure the management of related costs. It is the job of the supervisors/managers to track employee attendance and their problems. They are responsible for managing their employees. The task of managing employee attendance is critical to your company’s success. To begin with, employers must track the problems of absenteeism. Is it a significant problem? What are the common reasons for absenteeism? With all the figures and facts in place, employers can identify the challenges and develop a plan that avoids all kinds of financial repercussions. Our solution provides time-to-time tracking through various reports to clear the cloud for absenteeism.

In specific organizations, supervisors are well-aware of their responsibilities of attendance tracking. However, they do not have the support tools to perform critical tasks. It is essential to introduce the frameworks and technologies that help with attendance management. These tools efficiently record the metrics and gather all other information that may be necessary.

Our clocking module uses (4) methods: Manual, Missing, Facial and Biometric Clocking. Users can access this with access permissions provided by the admin only. Click “Timesheet” on the side panel will take you to the clocking page, where you can select any of the four options after selecting the employee to clock.

Manual Clocking:

A popup with the details of employees, where auto-populated and non-editable time stamps of current timing. If the user is already clocked for the day, the pop-up directly takes you to clock-out timing to save. Further mandatory remarks are required if the Employee either clocks early / late to the scheduled timings or if the employee is not on the schedule but comes for clocking. An optional provision to give instructions to the user at the time of the clock is provided.

Missing Clocking:

Apart from similar functionality to manual popup, the missing clocking consists of only one change, i.e., clock date selection for clock, which is impossible in any other (3) options. Providing remarks is mandatory for this option.

Facial Clocking:

This option is a quick and straightforward method like biometric clocking. This option can be cutting edge because even if the biometric is also short clocking, it requires a physical machine to be placed and maintained all the time, which involves an additional cost. But in this option, the employee’s mobile is the device to clock in. Any misuse is not permitted, as this option works only when the employee is connected to the property network list Wi-Fi or within the parameters fixed to the geo location mapped to the property.

Biometric Clocking:

Properties having biometric devices and using them for clocking employees can integrate those devices through the Lan network. Our solution gets the clocking details from the device and updates it to the database for further use.