Clock-in / Clock-out by Face-Recognition

Technology brings solutions

Staff attendance is the major issue faced in all the industries. Our Facial Clocking tool provide a simple solution without hesitation in zero cost. Let the technology drive and lead your property to more efficient and productive staff.   

Face Registration

On every first attempt by staff in Facial Recognition captures and save his face and await for activation by Manager.

One step To Go

Single click event of staff finishes the clocking / breaks if his face match with registered.

Front Desk Clocking

A Mobile fixed at front desk allow staff for clocking without interference of any supervision staff.

Check Up Report

Manager Diary includes the statement on staff clocking and any mistakes in it for review.

Asian women using the technology tablet for access control by face recognition

Very few biometric technologies attract as much attention as facial recognition. Facial recognition technology offers various benefits, such as authentication, monitoring, access control, indexing, and maintenance of applications. Face recognition systems have led to the advancement of multimedia information access. Also, implementing network access control via face recognition makes it virtually impossible for hackers to steal a user’s password and improves human-computer interaction. This is one of the reasons why facial recognition time clocking is gaining popularity.

Place a Cam on the Front Desk, and Employees can clock in and out through the face recognition tool without disturbing front desk resources.

Moreover, this helps the employees to take a break while they go out on personal work or provide remarks for any official business outing from the premises during shift hours.

This enables property owners to manage the employees’ working hours more perfectly and productively for the wages paid to the resource.

Employees can clock in and out through a mobile app when they reach the premises if identified within the parameters of geolocation mapping of the property or connected to the Wi-Fi of the Property Network List (PNL). The Mobile app, in real-time, reports the live location of the resource in case of misusing any action out of the premises.

How does it work?

A facial recognition software captures and compares patterns on a person’s face and analyses the details to identify and verify the individual. While the underlying system is complex, the whole technology can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Face Detection: An essential step in locating human faces in real-time.
  2. Transform Data: Once captured, the analog facial information is transformed into a set of data or vectors based on a person’s facial features.
  3. Face Match: The system matches the detected data with the one in the database for verification
Rear view of female office worker using face recognition at work, business and identification