Instant Activities Assignment

Track Instant Task

Track every activity which arose instantly without any regular practice. The Front Desk can assign the Instant activities to any staff to complete. Monitor these activities on the dashboard for quick review and disposal.

Guest Requests / Orders

During their stay, guests make telephonic requests for any changes / extra bedsheets, food orders, etc., and monitor these and monitor.

Instructions to any Staff

The manager / Front Desk can give special instant instructions to any staff on the fly. Track and monitor till completed.

Hotel guest sitting on bed and using her smartphone

Guest during the stay-over makes typical telephonic calls to the front desk and requests any assistance/requirements of any room facilities. Generally, these are oral tasks, and most front desk staff deploys this task orally to any housekeeper without any record, tracking, or monitoring. According to their timings, the housekeeper attends to this task and fulfills the guest’s requirements. Here if we notice the guests’ reviews of the majority of hotels, we can find one common thing: “Poor Hospitality” reviews by guests. Hotel Owners do not have the scope of knowledge for these reviews. As there is no tracking of such Instant activities, any staff cannot blame for this.

Overcome this position; our solution provided the functionality of Instant Activity assignments. Every such activity records the time of work and completion by the housekeeper/staff assigned. This tool provides adequate knowledge to the owners to take action/pay cuts to the team who have delayed task completion. Guest satisfaction is the primary pillar for the growth of hospitality businesses.

Further, suppose any task arose during the shift hours that should be assigned to any staff. In that case, the manager / front desk staff can assign that activity to the concerned employee and duly create an Instant Activity in the portal. As these are monitored at the root level, there will be accountability for the staff, which can be seen on the dashboard instantly.