Housekeeping Activities

Activity Templates

Every Property needs to assign housekeeping tasks to the housekeeper. This task contains multiple activities to prepare a room for guests. You can create these activities and assign them to the housekeeper in one Task. Thus, the template is ready for check-in.

Room Setup

To assign the Activities, first, you must set up the rooms on your property. For setting up the room, go to the Room Setup tab and create the rooms according to your requirements.

Assign from Dashboard

A Quick link has been provided on the Admin / Manager / Front desk dashboard to assign the Housekeeping Activities quickly.

Assign for next 30 days

Regular set activities for any employees can be assigned for the next 30 days and be relaxed. My Shift Notes will alert employees to regularly complete exercises during that date range.

Other than guest rooms

You can easily assign housekeeping activities for places other than guest rooms like corridors, Lift, Balcony, etc.

Users with access permissions can finish the Housekeeping Activities Assignment through the Facilities Module > Assign Housekeeping or from the dashboard. Users can select the date range, employee, and Activity Template populated. Depending on the chosen template, rooms will be refreshed with completed / pending status. Select the rooms to be assigned and submit to save assignments. The selected employee is notified through email and their dashboard. Six steps to finish the housekeeping activities assignment help the employees manage hospitality.

Every employee assigned with housekeeping activities from their mobile app/web app can start the task and, on completion, can click as completed. During the process, if noticed that any property asset is damaged/requires repair / missing, then optioned to report the same through a Maintenance Ticket there itself with reasons texted along with a provision to upload the picture of asset. In that case, the Manager / front desk/owner on their dashboard was notified with the details so that the ticket was assigned to Engineering & Maintenance employee for repair. If the ticket is missing an asset from the guest room, the issue is immediately brought before the guest for compensation. This feature prevents the property owners from missing assets in time and is alert on the following visit of that guest; moreover, for tickets related to damaged or repair of the assets, quick response and follow up action for restoration of the asset or replacement of asset damaged.