Network Mapping

Create you Network

Add all the Wi-Fi (SSID) of routers used in your property to the Property Network List (PNL) and relax. Our Network mapping tool all the staff connected to the list to perform clocking or activities status update.  

Alert to Manager / Admin

Whenever Manager / Admin logins with the new Wi-Fi connection, he can add the SSID to PNL if required.

Alert to staff

If the employee is on outside PNL network, he will be notified and requested to connected to PNL.

Flawless Process

Staff connected Property Network List (PNL) only can perform clocking and activity status update on live time.

Check Up Report

Manager Diary provide all the information of staff connecting and disconnecting timings for review.

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Our Network mapping technology is to detect whether the user is connected to (PNL) Property Networks List, which the Property Admin creates. Unless the user is connected to the PNL, they cannot perform specific actions like a clock-in or clock-out response to a completed task. Property Admin shall map the Networks (Wi-Fi SSID) or WLan IDs to the property, which are to be allowed only as PNL.

Network mapping @ My Shift Notes application scans the network and integrates the identified devices directly into the network.

Network mapping with My Shift Notes allows technical interpreters to witness fundamental time network changes, track Internet service providers, and securely manage complex to large-sized networks quickly.

Our Purpose is to adopt a Network mapping business

Unlike older processes that rely on inaccurate information, it is safe and secure to rely on network mapping to restrict wrongful clock-in clock-out and make sure that happens flawlessly on live time.

@My Shift Notes Property Wi-Fi Network can be mapped Employee-wise and restrict Employees Floor-wise and area network-wise if required.