Multi-Platform Support

Multi-platform App UI

My Shift Notes developed supportable multi-platform architecture with property-based installation and activation keys. Property employees, through their registered emails, property employees will get the link once the property owner / Admin approves access permission. Communication is encrypted end-to-end basis.

Android App

Our application is supported by major Android device versions, >= 6.0.

iOS App

Our application is supported in iOS devices which are having >= 6.0 version.

Desktop App

Desktops with OS 10 are supported for our application to be installed and operated on the front desk system.

Smart TVs

Our app supports smart tv with webOS for live display of activities of employees at the front desk.

Discussing mobile app

As apps become an integral part of our lives, hotels must know the importance of shifting to an approach that targets their services across platforms. To be perceived as a top player in this segment, it’s crucial to leverage the proper methodologies to build a solid and lasting competitive edge. Cross-platform mobile app development is one strategy that helps property owners redefine their approach to achieving rapid digital growth. As a cross-platform app, we encounter similar queries now and then from our customers. We aim to answer multiple facets of how & why cross-platform applications have become a popular choice, their advantages, popular frameworks & also how native & cross-platform development approaches differ. 

You can view your hotel’s KPIs in one view, so you always stay on top of your business. It allows your staff to manage operations better because they are always connected to the My Shift Notes, even if on a break! 

Check guests in or out from your mobile phone. Manage multiple properties from your mobile app. A mobile app is perfect for your staff to carry out requests, keep an eye on administration, review activities, check instant activities, and carry out tasks. A mobile app would quickly help you find pending guest requests that need immediate action. In short, you can enable your staff to increase productivity.