Geo-Mapping: Visualize Employee Data Location

Make use of Technology for your property

Map the property geo location and track you employees on live time. Get rid of any misuse of your money for the payment made during pay time of such employee. Increase the productivity and get highest ratings from your guests.  

Fixed Geo Parameters

Allow clock-in or clock-out by your property employees within the parameters fixed.

Useful for mobile apps

Mobile app or web app used by any employee are routed through this geo mapping parameters.

Get alert on front desk

Alert If any employee location is detected outside the geo parameter during shift hours.

Check Up Report

Manager dairy report consist of all employee tracking and highlighting any discrepancies.


Our Geo-mapping takes employee location from the devices compared with the Geo Location of the Property, which the Property Admin saves and allows the Employee to perform his Clock-in Clock-Out either through Facial Recognition or Manual within the parameters of Property mapped Geo Location only.

Geo-mapping technology enables precise in-depth employee location while he clocked-in and out so that Property Owners’ money is safe, and any misuse of clock-ins outs is restricted.

Why does your business need to geo-map?

  • Adopt geo-mapping to secure employee clock-in & out
  • Service coverage while performing certain activities
  • Balance of working potential
  • The accurate scheduler of clock-in and clock-out
  • A simple and faster way to locate employee check-in and check out
  • Save time and investment in property follow-up

Benefits of Geo Mapping Intelligence

  • Analyze spreadsheet data of each property employee within the business
  • Multiple functions related to employee coordination, clocking, and working schedules accordingly
  • Analyze property location to produce accurate demographic data
  • Understand property environment and emerging opportunities
  • Exact visualization of where and how its employees interact
  • Real-time data of the employees
  • Ensure the quickest and most affordable


How Geo-mapping works

  • Property Admin will map the property Geo location through their login. 
  • Clock-in or Clock out through Facial Recognition will alert the user to provide the permission of their Device Location.
  • Access permission provided. Users can only be enabled to perform the actions in the application.


Is hotel mapping do necessary?

When it is time to know each property status of a clock, then the answer will be yes! Geo-mapping streamlines the employee content to ultimately impose the impact on business productivity.

@ My Shift Notes, each property is Geo-mapped to restrict certain operations only if the employee is within the said radius to monitor their activities.