Quick Messages

Chat tool is nothing but a quick messaging between the property employees. Never loos communicating your staff though they are off-duty or break! Every communication is encrypted end-to-end for secured and protecting privacy. 

Instant Conversation

Some of the tasks / actions which does require to be communicated directly on instant basis.

Staff Encouragement

This tool will be easy for employees to communicate among themselves within the application.

financier uses laptop works workplace in office

Real-time instant communication flow of information within the working departments.

Employees chat an internal communication process between employees or employee[s] to the department[s], or between managers, and department[s] to employee[s].

Does employee internal communication matter?

Employee communication is defined as sharing working efficiency and managing conversations in less time, resulting in favorable output with clarity.

No matter which department or where employees attend duty, the internal chat process is a simple collaboration to manage onsite and remote employees.

Employee Chat: Positive impact

Moreover, the chat process ensures a positive working atmosphere when each hierarchal employee receives and understands live interactions and works accordingly. Hence no scope for either miscommunication or contradictions.

Employee chat: increased potency

  • Sharing emergency working schedules and shifts alternatively between management and the working department or vice versa increases the productive efficiency of the organization.

  • Employees might be in any number for each query regarding their schedule or shifts can be managed timely.

  • Employees clarified their roles and responsibilities, so the organization ran smoothly and messy-free.

Efficiency lies in the selection of the right channel to increase efficacy.

Employee chat: traditional channels

Internal communication in organizations is limited to email, face-to-face communication, or inbox text. Letters, memos, fax, and drafts are ways of traditional communication within the organization. But the trending technology has evolved innovative modes of practice, proving simple and fast.

Emails or inbox text messages are confined to daily communication but are lesser catchy and handy. Hence live chat has proven a trendy, user-friendly process, receiving updates to speed up working communication.

Employee chat: modes of communication

Cell phone technology has proven a powerful tool ever handy and catchy, moreover friendly usage. Somehow few restrictions are faced as employees are not allowed to use mobile during working hours.

It can be overcome if the organization provides relevant devices for employee communication.

Social media, more than communication, is a powerful marketing tool.

Face to face can be executed within a small organization compared to a large one, where the hierarchy oversees many employees of multiple departments.

Live chat has proven trendy usage of internal communication. It consumes less time resulting in a quick response. Efficient working communication highly compared to above said modes.

Employee chat: Effective Communication

  • Work runs smoothly
  • Encourage teamwork.
  • Fair understanding
  • Lesser time consumption
  • Prevent confusion
  • Eradicate team gaps
  • Organized shifts
  • Employees on track

Employee chat: Success foundation

Internal communication includes single or multiple. The organization’s size does not matter; clear, informative communication to a group, a single person, or information to another group issues.

Employee chat: Everyone’s voice

  • Avoid confusion
  • Each voice is notified
  • Scope of Clarity
  • Open lines of communication
  • Simplify substitutes
  • Perfect service management
  • Prevent off shows

Employee Chat:  Etiquette followed

  • Crisp your messages to point to point
  • Check for relevant people to whom the message is concerned
  • Mind factors of urgency and sensitivity,
  • Alert with privacy matters
  • Be polite and active in official group chat
  • Check for the confidential messages
  • Limit the use of emojis or gifs and short forms.
  • Use official words.

Employee chat: Digital platform of communication

  • Quick communication
  • Easy conversations
  • Automatic reporting
  • In-time services
  • Uniformity
  • Brief time multitasking
  • Time-saver meetings
  • Optimum employee engagement


@My Shift Notes Internal communication through chat allowed all the employees within the assigned properties.