To Do

Checklist of Property Employee Operations

Tasks can be created during the shift to direct an employee or change the shift so that that successor can perform the same.

Slate Process

This tool is like a slate where staff can place points to be remembered until it is completed.

Shift Changeover

On shift changeover, succeeding staff will dynamically alerted this To-Do list for completion.

Workplace with to do list, supplies and alarm clock

Does a property employee need To Do list?

Yes! Every employee needs To Do list to organize departmental activities. This helps employee plan and navigate accordingly without any mess.

To Do like a roadmap alerts employee activities must be performed daily. Even routine tasks need proper planning to keep the employee from the workload and ensure a healthy working atmosphere.

To Do list: Right choice of hotel employee

Do list organize daily routine, extra activities, events, meetings, and all relevant activities. Having a To Do list allows the employee to overcome the shortcomings and identify the tasks accordingly to meet the urgency and need of the customer.

To-Do list: Overall providence of quality service to customers. Each employee holds a handy To Do list related to their role in the organization.

Manager checklist

  • Employee hire or termination
  • Budget submission
  • Safety regulations
  • Housekeeping standards
  • Lodge reservations
  • Update Audit records
  • Technical services
  • Security regulations
  • Track arrivals and departure records
  • Coordinate with the head of all departments
  • Collaborate with human resource managers
  • Stay tuned with organizational changes and implementations
  • Monitor revenues and stocks
  • Schedule shifts with team leads

Hospitality checklist

  • Check-in check-out list
  • Guest amenities
  • Cleaning lists
  • Workplace ambiance
  • Events and engagements

Front Desk checklist

  • Bookings and cancellation of guest reservations
  • Pleased ambiance
  • Guest comforts
  • Front desk staff schedules
  • Room allocation
  • Transport facilities
  • Managing call logs

Housekeeping checklist

  • Room services
  • Plumbing checks
  • Electrical fixes
  • Room ambiance
  • Sanitization and disinfection services
To do list on a journal

Organized checklists ensure adequate infrastructure.

The front desk team, support staff, housekeeping team, Food and Bar team, Event organizers, Security team, their respective HR managers, and team leads perform according to the scheduling checklist and collaborate to ensure hotel standards per customer expectations.

@ My Shift Notes Tasks can be created during the shift to direct an employee or changeover of the shift so that that successor can perform the same