Scheduling: Series of effective mind tools

Staff Scheduling

Scheduling the staff for the work shifts is the hectic job of the managers. Make it easy and simple with our My Shift Notes. Review draft set-schedule and publish schedule to all staff so that they are notified and attend the shift in time.

Group Scheduling

Department-wise / Role-wise scheduling is a inbuilt process .

Update Schedules

Update / add new shift to the existing shift of an employee.

Drag & Drop

Simply drag and drop Template on the employee calendar

Check Up Report

Get Manager alert in live time progress of schedules

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“How efficient do you use resources within the scheduled time?”

Be on the fence, and Managers make their minds to pick from a lengthy list of tasks, righteous use of time and resources with effective scheduling. Prior scheduling supports the managers to check with predefined roles and activities along with an appropriate allocation of resources within the department-wise, role-wise, experience-wise, and further accordingly.

Wise Scheduling

Ensure your manager is sensible in scheduling, providing a complete pack of employees who knows how to schedule accordingly. Wise scheduling help to frame the tasks and allocation of roles to resources to meet the requirements of the clients within timelines equally the quality of services provided to the customers.

Satisfied Scheduling

Framing an easy-going schedule within given resources, screening around the chores, wherein satisfying scheduling minimizes time and strength needed to accelerate the organization that produces multiple visits of a satisfied customer.

Need of Scheduling

Keep an eye on the efficiency and need for scheduling

  1. Lead a hassle-free business
  2. Overall coverage of every task
  3. Selection of appropriate resources
  4. Well-organized time intervals
  5. Optimum service performance
  6. Strategic allocation of limited resources
  7. Balance of work and resources
  8. Ultimate customer satisfaction

Benefits of Scheduling

What benefits does a business draw from property employee scheduling?

A flawless manual schedule daily is countless activities. Despite tracking everything on top of the to-do- list, somewhere could find miss-outs; in such a situation, automated scheduling helps you to cope with mess-up.

Get-Set-Go process:

Get the purposive schedule, Set the resources, Go with the plan.

Organized Scheduling

  • Time management
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Develop teamwork policy
  • Real-time results
  • Prevents service deadlines
  • Avoids last-minute hurry
  • Perfect payroll track
  • Justified dignity of labor
  • Challenges in Scheduling


Each work includes pros and cons; a better pick pulls you from annoyances.


Concept of event planning and work planning, top view
Planning Chart for Financial Project

Improper scheduling may lead to

  • Employee discrimination
  • Lowered trust toward management
  • Reduced workplace morale
  • Frustrated interactions between employees and management
  • Loss of employee faith
  • Crooked impact on the business


Hotel Resource Scheduling

Scheduling varies based on the organization, depending on the nature of the business. Term scheduling, resource scheduling, project scheduling, system scheduling, academic scheduling, technical scheduling, and a few more.

Apart from the above, My Shift Notes is here to introduce Hotel Resource Scheduling. The said Hotel Resource Scheduling deals with allocating the right resource at the right time to the proper role to meet your customer demand. It refers to specific shifts and times, including days and dates of the work scheduled.