Manager Diary

Mirror of your property

Nothing can be hidden out from property owner. Our Manager Diary generates each and every activity takes place in the property along with its performance for review and approval by the Manager. Manager can provide his justified remarks on each of the item.

Property Owner Review

Review and micro-manage your property performance more efficiently. Provide your decision that will give directions to your manager.

Consolidated view of Diaries

Property owners having multiple properties can review all Managers' diaries at one place.

Rectifications on the spot

This will help property owners as a solution tool to rectify any mistakes / mismanagements / errors done the staff or manger on the right time.

Check Up Report

Manager diary is day end process to the manager which provide analysis of PMS Night Audit Report.

Mature senior business woman manager

Diary management: How worthy a real-time management planner is for an executive employee.

Diary is a self-scheduler to organize your daily activities to complete efficiently. A bit of organizing keeps you updated in your daily activities; it helps you track daily schedules, so there is no scope for missouts.

Depending on your need for work diary management, help your work be efficient and more straightforward. A perfect diary planner prioritizes essential tasks to ensure the appropriate use of valuable time and keep track of each commitment.

How well your diary helps you?

  • Planned Shift Management of Employees
  • Summarize Schedules and Clockins of Employees  
  • Maximum utilization of Resources
  • Track Activities assignment & completion
  • Alert on backlog Activities to reassign the next day 
  • Overall coverage of timesheets and payroll 
  • Quick responses to instant activities
  • Accurate follow-up on scheduled maintenance 
  • Balanced work atmosphere

Your best is your top benchmark

In this busy world, every minute is more valuable than any other earning. It is always important to prioritize your tasks ideally within the time. Collaborating with teams, recurring meetings, managing vendors, all-day appointments, reports, reminders, notes of agenda, and night audit reports piled in a 24/7 calendar.

A handbook or virtual diary or a task manager is to maximize the work efficiency

Efficiency and efficacy combined to make your business yield expected outputs. Note that significant issue is hidden in time-taking tasks a manager must organize, alter, and execute with the working surroundings.

What you perform visualized, how you perform is up to your own planning.

Your diary is flexible and fits accordingly to your property policies and the time allotted to each task and each employee. However, you might make changes or alter and give your remarks on the alerts dynamically provided by the application but are exempted circumstances. In such cases, be sure to modify the tasks without work disturbance.

It is not just noted making; a little beyond that, make your daily schedules simpler. Running behind the buffer time, engaging availed employees to appropriate roles, commitments, notices, and appointments are at their fingertips. The ultimate responsibility at the end of the day is to get optimum results.

The best result is the combination of proper planning and timely execution.

@My Shift Notes Managers monitor all the activities on the property and submit the dairy to the Owner.