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Guest Room Pricing

The pricing of any room in the hotel is highly complex and intense as it results from several calculations, research work, risk-taking ability, and understanding of the market and the guests. The property owners consider everything before they price a room.

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The room’s segment, the guest’s ability to pay for the room, the market conditions, the competitor’s action, the operational cost, and of course, the margin or the profit margins impact on fixing the room pricing. To reach that, a pricing strategy is a way of finding a competitive price for a room on your property. This strategy is combined with the other marketing pricing strategies: price, place and promotion, economic patterns, competition, market demand, and, finally, room characteristics. This strategy comprises one of the most significant ingredients of the mix of marketing as it is focused on generating and increasing the revenue for your property, which ultimately becomes a profit-making for the Hotel. Understanding the market conditions and the unmet desires of the guest, along with the price the guest is willing to pay to fulfill his unmet desires, is the ultimate way of gaining success in the pricing strategy of a guest room.

As such, you need to know the pricing of your competitive hotels nearby and their offerings to the guest. This is a handful job of marketing managers to get the data n search. We feel it is an efficient way to provide a tailor-made tool to show you all the nearby hotels’ pricing and offerings in one place to analyze and update your prices accordingly.  You can get pricing by providing check-in and checkout dates of all the hotels with the option to see the history and average rate per night stay in all the nearby hotels within 100 Kms of your geo-location of your property. You can relax and fix your pricing and get the benefit.