A Panoramic View of Employee Tasks

Manage your property activities at one place. Assign activities and monitor staff performance on live time. Get alerts for delayed and time taken tasks and review such staff on the spot. Justify the time and efforts of each staff with reviews.


Assign activities department-wise and review individually performance.

Staff Engagement

Review Task Time and idle time on the dashboard and reassign to justify of time & money.

Instant Activities

Assign instant activities and monitor on your dashboard for timely completion.

Check Up Report

Manager Diary get summary of activities assigned, completed and backlog for reassign next day.

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The organization is a combi-structure of different departments.

Each department involves in respective duties and responsibilities. Activities include hiring, executing, monitoring, and supervising each department concerned with defined roles led by an individual manager.

Hierarchy; A comprehensive overview

Appropriate organizational hierarchy is essential for the business, which includes more or a smaller number of employees depending on the company’s size associated with a defined set of roles and activities.

Hotel hierarchy; series of departmental roles

The hotel employee hierarchy is made up of various departments. Food department, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Human resources, Technical, Security, and Maintenance, each with employees of all levels.

Hotel managerial hierarchy relies on the size and structure of the hotel. The entire organizational structure defines departmental activities and roles to ensure effective working results in efficient profits for the business owner.

Department hierarchy; brief overlook

Management department: deals with the managing activities, depending on the size of the employees, there exists assistant manager, executive manager headed with general manager.

Roles and activities

The general manager coordinates with the assistant manager to run the organization smoothly, manages the team leaders, looks over concerned departments’ working for effective results, monitors strategic changes, and supervises various departmental tasks.

Assistant manager/ Executive manager: primary role to associate general manager in every activity, handles and resolve team issues, and coordinate with general manager in every event and daily exercise. Above all, responsible for all actions on behalf of the general manager

Front desk department:

Front desk manager responsible for front desk activities, supervision of front desk employees, and hiring and training the front office employees.

Front desk activities include maintenance of employee and guest records, check-in check-out of every employee and guest, including warm welcome and send-off guests, collecting payments, dealing with cleaning and room services, and, above all, caring for guest complaints.

Hospitality department:

Look after the maintenance, cleaning, catering services, receiving guests, check-in check-out, and fixing room service tasks. Hiring, firing, staff training, and coordinating housekeeping employees is the principal activity of a hospitality manager.

The utmost responsibility is guest satisfaction.


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Human resources concept

Human resource department:

It concerns employee relations, employee attendance, check-in check-out of guests and employees, guest relations, client relations, hiring, training employee activities, vendor management, organizing events and meetings, and overall hospitality activities.

Housekeeping department:

The primary role is to maintain crystal cleanliness in and around the hotel premises, laundry services, room services, washroom maintenance, and stocking room services before and after guest arrival.

Accounts department:

Responsible for managing financial accounts, income and expenditure accounts, payroll accounts, bills and taxes, payments, and purchases.


IT department:

Managing the network’s IT processes. Optimize cyber security, and maintain data protection, Regular maintenance of technical standards.

Marketing department:

Responsible for promoting the hotel, advertising, and managing client relations for business promotion.

Security department:

Equally important, the security department is responsible for safety measures in and out of the hotel premises and provides security to guests and employees.

Well-structured organizational activities create an easy and effective business.

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